About Us

Core Skills

ProConsult was founded by Joe van Niekerk, an astute consulting metallurgist with vast experience in metallurgical consulting and project investigation work. Our core skills involve the design of metallurgical process flowsheets, the selection of suitable process equipment for specific applications, facilitating the supply of rapidly deployable modular plants and the optimization, modernization and turn-around of existing metallurgical operations.

Associated Skills

ProConsult utilizes the services of strategic alliance partners (geological, mining, environmental and strategic consultants) to execute assignments that require more than metallurgical expertise only.


ProConsult's vision, built on expertise, experience and strategic alliances, is to maintain and strengthen our consulting services business through the constant renewal of our skills and to respond timeously to the changing needs of our clients and the markets. ProConsult's strategy for sustained growth is anchored in widening our exposure to new projects, especially on the growth-prone African continent.
We are committed to:

  • Paying attention to the needs of our clients and respecting their views.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive network of astute associate consultants i.e. geologists, mining engineers, environmental scientists and strategic consultants.
  • Maintaining professional relationships with providers of project support services i.e. metallurgical laboratories, pilot plant owners and EPCM contractors.
  • Maintaining professional relationships with the suppliers of process equipment and modular process plants.
  • Remaining in touch with emerging trends and innovative technological breakthroughs.


Our vision is supported by the following values which we are committed to abide by:

  • Ensure that a high standard of health and safety is maintained in all our activities.
  • Respect for the environment.
  • Maintain a high standard of business ethics.
  • Devotion to a philosophy of ongoing improvement in all facets of our business activities.


ProConsult is a no-nonsense project support and consulting organization serving new commodity ventures and existing metallurgical operations in a selected geographical area.

ProConsult achieves this mission through the expertise of its employees and strategic alliance partners, by contributing to the success of its clients through value-added services and by continuous investment in its technical competence.

Metallurgical Project Life Cycle

The Involvement of ProConsult and the Plant Supplier in the Project Life Cycle
Modular Plants for Small to Medium-Sized Projects

Metallurgical Project Life Cycle